Laser pigmentation removal produces permanent results.

As a result of a genetic mix-up of both the genes of an individual’s biological parents, pigmentation is characterized by excessive melanin on the skin, causing an uneven skin tone. Melanocytes contain melanin and are responsible for pigmentation on the skin. Age spots, freckles, and sun spots are all examples of pigmentation marks under the skin Affordable aesthetic clinic in Singapore. It is a common misconception that discoloured skin will fade on its own without any treatment whatsoever.

Certain pigment types, such as acne-induced ones, may fade over time without any treatment. Disc discoloured skin spots require in-office treatments with high-powered active ingredient products to be removed fully Affordable aesthetic clinic in Singapore. There are four different treatment options for pigmentation. The type of pigmentation determines the type of laser that should be used. These include microdermabrasion, chemical peels, intense pulsed light, and fractional laser resurfacing.

Alexandrite 755nm Laser Pigmentation Removal effectively removes pigmentation from superficial lesions within one to three treatments if the pigmentation is in superficial lesions. Microdermabrasion is a treatment that can be used for minimal darkening of your skin depending on other factors, such as the recovery period, the type of pigmentation, and the area to be treated. During this treatment, the upper layer of your skin is gently removed to eliminate dark spots, sunspots, and other types of superficial and minimal discolouration.

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A chemical peel treatment can treat stubborn spots with anti-pigment ingredients. This step involves infusing anti-pigment ingredients into the skin to brighten it further. TCA chemical peels, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid are often recommended to ban discolouration. A chemical peel is used to remove deeper pigments or to accelerate the results.

The potency of a chemical peel is known to be manipulated depending on the depth or type of pigmentation. There are, however, skin types and colours that are not suitable for the peel. If you have a history of scarring, consider another treatment option. Intense Pulsed Light treatment is a great choice to address sun discolouration. Intense Pulsed Light is a popular choice for treating sun-discoloured skin.

During this procedure, light-based energy is pulsed onto the skin, targeting blood vessels and discoloured skin. As the light seeks out the discolouration, it lifts it up and out, eradicating it. Initially, the treated areas turn dark but will eventually flake off in a few days. Individuals must be at least 18 years old for the pigmentation treatment to be effective. The treatment is also available to anyone with permanent dark spots different from temporary acne or freckles.