Which is the best way to treat hair removal?

Hair removal treatment is helping to improve the skin texture and color of the skin and most treatment does not require surgery. It also heals some damages that rose due to sun exposure. The ipl singapore treatment helps treat fine wrinkles, birthmarks, broken capillaries, age spots, acne, etc. It is commonly useful for skin rejuvenation and pigmentation removal. It results in glowing the skin, makes it more radiant, and eliminates freckles.

It leads to the removal of hair in the areas like the neck, face, underarms, back, chest, etc. The light passes by the skin, making its way to the root of the hair for destroying or finishing the hair follicle. It is more or less similar to laser light hair therapy. IPL Singapore is the best alternative to other hair removal methods. You need some precautions to follow while undergoing the process of the therapy, such as you should not come in direct contact with the sunlight, no use of waxing and no applying of the creams that contain vitamin A should take place. It is a non-invasive treatment, and the session is not at all a lengthy one; it is off around 30-40 minutes.

Effectiveness of the treatment

  • Redness – After a few treatments, 60%-80% of the broken blood vessels can heal up. Also, the new blood vessels can build up automatically.
  • Hair removal – The hair will get removed for sure if you have dark hair and light skin. It may not work much or can give an adverse reaction to blonde hair or dark skin.
  • Sun damage – Because of ultraviolet or UV rays, 70% of the redness, dead cells, and brown spots will get reduced.
  • Acne – People can overcome the problems related to scarring or acne using this therapy.

The major advantage of IPL treatment is:

  • It pulls out the hair permanently: IPL is one of the best methods that is used to remove permanent hair and you can achieve better results through repeated treatments. There is no fixed number of therapies stated. It depends upon various factors such as hair structure, the color of the skin, and hair. But it requires approximately 6-7 treatments for its effectiveness for noticing a change.
  • Not at all painful: As waxing is painful, it is unlike waxing. It is a simple technique that does not lead to suffering and pain. There is no possibility of hurting yourself with the use of a razor or making your skin dull by applying depilatory creams. This method can be uncomfortable but not painful.
  • Much safer to use:It is not similar to other unsuccessful laser treatments, but is safe to use. It contains numbing solutions and the best-quality gels as ingredients. So there is no risk of redness or allergy.