Orthopaedic Singapore – Solution To That Painful Ligament Tear

The human body has 206 bones and about 600 muscles, yet we probably have about a dozen or so superficial knowledge. From a minute muscle pull to a serious spine fracture, people do not appreciate the agony or pain accompanying the injury. Orthopaedics is the study of the musculoskeletal system that consists of bones, muscles, and the spine. A simple X-Ray can show various deformities in the body that are otherwise not visible. This helps doctors to understand the human body from the inside out.

 The femur is the thigh is the longest bone, and the stapes, situated in our middle ear, is the shortest bone in the human body. Irrespective of the size of the bone, it can cause considerable damage. Although hurting your ear is a rather difficult task, a stapes fracture can lead to hearing loss. Orthopaedic Singapore deals with similar injuries and ensures to get your body fit and running again.

About Orthopaedics

It began as a field of medicine in the late 1700s to treat musculoskeletal defects in kids. Such problems can be from birth or can be caused by external injuries. During the war, people had serious muscle and bone injuries that gave rise to orthopaedics.

While medical specialists mostly deal with a particular section of the body, an orthopedist treats people for issues in the tiny muscle in their toe to a skull fracture.

Orthopaedic Singapore treats the following problems-

  • Bone displacement and fracture
  • Muscle injuries
  • Joint pains
  • Arthritis
  • Tendons and ligament tear

Carpal tunnel syndrome (A disease that causes numbness in your hand due to pressure on the median nerve.)

  • Bone cancer and many more

If an injury isn’t that severe, the doctor often suggests non-surgical ways to cure it, such as healthy diets, exercise, and some external support; however, if a surgery is unavoidable, different surgeries are based on the type of injury performed. Orthopaedics plays a vital role in the lives of sportsmen due to frequent injuries during matches and practice.

Orthopaedics has come a long way in medicine, from treating injured soldiers and children with deformities to treating something as ordinary as neck pain. Be it a healthy bone structure, treating a sprain in the ankle, or life-altering surgery, the human body is resilient enough to fight and become stronger than before. Orthopaedics brings us one step closer to a stronger skeleton and smooth and functioning muscles.