Most Common Heart Procedures

Heart diseases are the leading cause of death amongst people all over the world. When you hear the word heart disease, it is not just about heart attack! There are plenty of heart issues involving different heart procedures. Expert centers like heart clinics provide elaborate heart procedures and have better treatments for every heart issue.

As an amateur, it is vital to be aware of the most common heart procedures. Moreover, one must know when these are required. It will help do an easy analysis and will allow you to act swiftly in case of emergencies. From minor maze procedures to a major heart transplant, one must know what is needed when. The knowledge will help ease out the panic situations and allow taking the required actions. Let us understand some of the most common heart procedures and little details about them:-

Some heart procedures and their details

Valve Repair

Valve repair or replacement is a surgery with which the damaged valve is either removed or replaced. This procedure keeps the blood flow properly. Whether it needs open-heart surgery or a minor hole invasion depends upon the condition of the valve. Make sure to always seek expert advice from a renowned clinic like Essex Heart Clinic before any procedure.


When there is blockage or obstruction in the arteries, it gets solved with the angioplasty procedure. A deflated balloon goes into the blocked artery, and when it is inside, a stent gives it the inflation to a fixed size. This inflation helps in removing the blockage, and the artery starts to pump the blood well.


When the heart muscles get weak, they need support from the outer muscles in order to work fine. It is a surgical process in which muscles from the back or the leg are taken and attached around the heart to give it the necessary support. A pacemaker is also put to ensure the contraction of the muscle.

Heart Transplant

As the name suggests, it is a surgery through which the heart of a person gets replaced. Doctors perform this surgery when a person has reached the last stage of heart failure, and there is no way that his own heart can perform well.

Transmyocardial Revascularization

The reduced blood flow in the heart gives rise to faint chest pain called angina. In cases where it gets worse, the TMR (transmyocardial revascularization) procedure ensures the proper blood flow. It is a minor surgery in which a small incision is done in order to expose the heart muscles. Lasers in substantially high energy create wide channels inside to ensure proper blood flow.

There are plenty of other minor to major heart surgeries performed to treat different heart issues. To take any of these treatments, choose the expert doctors like the ones in the heart clinic. Ensure the premium services and expertise, as it is about heart health, and any mistake can land you into trouble.