Having a differentiating growth hormone in place can improve an athlete’s performance

  • As unusual as it sounds but the reality of performing better lies in the good functioning of blood cells.

The growing popularity of EPO drugs or injections has made it possible for most of us to atlest have heard of it once. Though related or unrelated to a specific lifestyle many people are beginning to believe in the healing effects of the enhancing injections of buy EPO online which literally translated to erythropoietin hormone and its effects on the bodily functions. How does erythropoietin help in increasing one’s body potential and endurance? For anyone who is wondering how are they related, the main stats behind the act is that the hormone general released by the kidneys and liver acts as a catalyst in differentiation and maturation of red blood ancestors in the bone more.

  • This can result in increased red blood cell production. How does increased blood cells effect the body’s functioning like running, jumping etc. To explain this we need to know about the hemoglobin present in all these red blood cells which serve as a carrier for oxygen to the various cells including the muscle cells. Since for energy production in the form of ATP oxygen is required, the increased body functions have an increased demand for ATP and in turn oxygen. Hence by increase the number of blood cells carrying oxygen the O2 supply is also increased thus generating more and more energy.

The action of EPO and recombinant EPO

  • The EPO injections when injected into a vein can stay in the body for up to 5 hours and can see an instant rise in the number of blood cells and thus the athlete’s performance.The recombinant technology introduced to multiply the number of fibroblasts also helps in gaining the desired performance rates. Not only this for people suffering from chronic anemia can be injected with these to know the reason for the anemic states.
  • And also the people with polycythemia that is excess of red blood cells should avoid these injections. Taking these injections on a long term can cause the body to become dependent and when taken during childhood can result in stunted growth of the adrenals glands of Moreover the average production of erythropoietin being is only 10 mg and the toxicity levels are seen at 10,0000 cells per sq mm. These rates are all to be kept in mind while administering the drug and a physician advice is deemed compulsory.