Getting Ultrasound Test During Pregnancy

Ultrasound is the safest and most accurate imaging test that works on sound waves. This device will help to monitor how your baby is developing inside your womb during pregnancy. The test will detect routine & serious health issues, which includes gallstones, clots or cancer. For your safety, you take Emergency ultrasound done from the trained professional or sonographer.

What’s Pregnancy Ultrasound?

Pregnancy ultrasound is an important test that mainly involves using sound waves to form an image of your developing baby & mother’s reproductive organs. The number of ultrasounds generally differs with every pregnancy. The ultrasound or ultrasonogram conducted for the pregnancy helps to check healthy fetal development & scan for any complications during pregnancy. There’re different kinds of ultrasounds, most of them are done for checking their baby’s health.

Reasons to Do Ultrasound

Your health care provider makes use of ultrasound for doing many things, which includes:

  • Confirm you are pregnant
  • For checking your baby’s growth and age and helps your doctor to know your due date.
  • Check baby’s heartbeat, movement muscle tone, and development
  • See if you are pregnant with twins
  • Check if baby is in heads-first position
  • Examine your ovaries & uterus. Ovaries are where the eggs get stored in body.

Your health care provider makes use of ultrasound test for screening & various other testing.  Screening helps to see your baby having any health condition; but, it does not mean that your baby has got any condition.

Different Kinds of Ultrasounds

When required, highly advanced USG methods are used during pregnancy for the detailed imaging:

Transvaginal ultrasound

This is done to produce the clearer image. For doing this, small ultrasound probe gets inserted in the vagina. This probe rests against your vagina back, when images are captured.

3D ultrasound

Unlike 2D ultrasound, 3D ultrasound allows your doctor to see height, width & depth of your fetus and organs. The 3D ultrasound follows similar procedure as 2D ultrasound and comes with the special probe & software that makes 3D image.

4D ultrasound

4D ultrasound is highly advanced in a sense that this creates the moving video of a fetus. Test is done to get the better image of your baby’s movements and face.

How to Prepare for the Test?

Preparation for this procedure may depend on a kind of examination that you are going to have. For a few scans your doctor will instruct you to not eat and drink for at least 12 hours before the appointment. For some you might be asked drinking over 6 glasses of water 2 hours before your exam & avoid urinating so your bladder stays full while scan is performed.