Can Vaping Affect Your Diet?

One of the many questions that people ask about vaping is whether it affects the diet in any way. There are people worldwide who cannot give up smoking cigarettes and hence shift their focus to vaping. Sometimes, people are confused about whether vaping has an impact on their diet. If you are one of them, worry no more as we will explain the relationship between both entities properly.

It is important to note that vaping consists of calories. It has a base, nicotine, and flavor, consisting of a negligible amount of calories, but that does not mean that vaping will make you fat. It has nicotine, which is an appetite suppressor. People who stay occupied consuming nicotine are less inclined towards food, which might help their weight loss journey. Thus, if you want to go on a diet or reduce your food intake capabilities, catering to vaping might be a good idea.

If you are on a strict diet like keto for weight loss, then the good news is, you can continue vaping with vape coils UK alongside. The vape juice contains a negligible amount of calories, and hence it will not affect your diet. No studies have shown vaping to promote weight gain; people have a less sweet craving when they vape continuously due to the vape flavors. It would suppress your appetite, and there will be lesser sweet cravings, which means vaping can, in fact, help in your weight-loss journey.

vaping consists of calories

You can even vape while you are fasting unless it is a strict one where you cannot have anything. In most cases, people are allowed to have liquids when they are fasting, and that might also include vaping unless you are doing it for religious reasons. People who do intermittent fasting find vaping to be helpful. It keeps them engaged during the fasting period and can also act as an appetite suppressant due to the nicotine. So, if you are starting with intermittent fasting and finding it hard not to have food for such a long period every day, you can, of course, try vaping.

However, you should always limit your vaping practices if you are adding nicotine to the base. Having e-cigarettes in moderate amounts would reduce your cravings to smoke, and it would also help improve the way you eat your food.

Thus, it can be concluded that vaping does have some effects on your diet. Even though it might not directly promote weight loss, it can work on suppressing your food intake quantity. It would take away all the negatives of smoking, one of which is the inability to breathe properly. With the right amount of energy and lungs full of oxygen, you might get the enthusiasm to start working out.