Smoking One of the Oldest Concentrates in Canada

Everybody knows that cannabis concentrates are the best when it comes to experiencing high in an instant. The long-lasting effects and its fast-acting properties make it popular among recreational users and those who want to get high all day long. The extreme potency of these concentrates is what you may be into if you like to try the strong stuff and if the flowers are not doing the trick anymore. And one of the oldest cannabis concentrates out there is called hash or hashish. It’s an Arabic word which means “grass”.

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Learn More About Hash (aka Hashish)

Hash is made by extracting trichomes from the Marijuana plant. These extracted trichomes are then compressed into bricks or balls. If you are new to concentrates, hash is a great starting point because it has the lowest THC levels, among the other concentrates with only 20%-25% THC. In Canada, hash is a staple concentrate because it is very easy to make than other extracts. The low THC levels make it easy for newcomers to smoke. Even though it is generally safe, you should smoke hash moderately.

Hybrid Cannabis Strains Online

If you don’t like smoking the plant material, you can smoke hash instead without worrying about the taste and the smell. It is also cheaper compared to other cannabis extracts, and it’s easier to find as well. The best part about using hash or smoking it by adding hash to your flowers is its medical advantages. This includes treating depression, stress, anxiety, ADHD/PTSD, and many more. While hash has low THC levels, it’s still like smoking a flower but with a slightly higher THC.

The Many Kinds of Hash and How to Use It

Two types of hash are used in today’s cannabis community. These are Dry sift hash and Ice water (bubble) hash. The dry sift hash is made using the traditional way, which uses a screen to break up the frozen trichomes. You will have to be very careful because it is a delicate process. On the other hand, Ice water hash is made by using a water extraction method.

Hash is used in many ways. Traditionally, it is taken orally either in solid form or infused in drinks. You can also smoke it, either alone or with cannabis flowers. There are other varieties of hash that you can vaporize, otherwise known as dabbing. You need to use screens because some resins leave carbon residue, which doesn’t completely melt. Always remember that even though hash has the lowest THC level among the rest of the extracts, it’s still more potent than smoking flowers. Factors like extraction technique and the materials used can change its consistency. But nevertheless, enjoy your first hashish with Daily Marijuana now.