Get To Know How do Tanning Injections Work

Nowadays, a dusky skin tone has become quite popular. The people who do not have a tanned skin try taking tanning injections to change their skin color. They are quite common in recent and can be done quickly. The doctor who is doing this procedure of injecting you the tanning injections need to have the license for using all the medicines to be used. Let us discuss how it is done.

How do The Tanning Injections work?

The tanning injections help the synthetic hormones to stimulate the pigment cell present in your skin. With this, the skin becomes a little darker, giving you a dusky texture in the skin. This darkness occurs due to the production of melanin. The injections come in two forms Melanotan I and Melanotan II. You need to dilute them in water before how do tanning injections work it into the body.

These injections replicate the alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormones that combine to the melanocortin receptors. It will help the body to produce a pigment known as melanin in skin cells. The darkness of your skin depends upon the quantity of melanin in skin cells. More the melanin, the darker the skin.

Melanotan II is preferred more these days, especially in the North of Scotland, Ireland, and England. But, Melanotan I (also known as afamelanotide) is told that Melanotan II last longer than the Melanotan II. The Melanotan II gets broken by enzymes faster.

how do tanning injections work

Why is Alfamelanotide Is Prefered?

Alfamelanotide, or Melanotan I, is used by the people suffering from erythropoietic protoporphyria (a disease that causes severe pain in sunlight exposure or some artificial light.

Melanotan II combines with an extensive range of receptors and may cross the blood drain barrier. It may cause appetite, loss, fatigue, sexual dysfunction, etc. This injection mostly has a shorter life span. These are the reason why Melanotan I is preferred more for medical conditions.

Is It Okay To Get These Tanning Injections?

There may be some side effects that are dangerous for your body. The side effects include:

  • You may get some Stomach ache
  • It may cause eye disorder
  • There has been a side effect of fatigue in your body
  • You may get heart disease later
  • Sharing the needles may cause blood-borne diseases such as HIV, hepatitis
  • This treatment may cause skin or tissue damage in your body during the treatment Maybe the drug does not suit you.

Therefore you should get a professional doctor for your treatment. Your doctor must have the license to inject these drugs in you. If your doctor is trained, it will be one duty to do the proper treatment. You must avoid buying the medicine needed online from illegal websites.