A Guide For First Time Melanotan Users | Preparation and Dosage Suggestions

If you have heard about Melanotan and its amazing results, then you probably already have one on the way. Melanotan is one of the most popular products when it comes to long-lasting tan results. Yes, it will last longer than the results offered by other methods that can only last for days. So if you are ready to use your Melanotan for the first time, here is the complete guide that you need.

Who CANNOT Use Melanotan?

There are some restrictions when before you can use Melanotan. You have to understand each one of them to make sure that you can use the product. First, you have to be at least 18 years old. You should not be pregnant or have any preexisting medical conditions. You should also be able to differentiate milliliter (ml) from the milligram (mg).

Things You Need For Melanotan

Of course, you need to have Melanotan on hand before you can start the process. Melanotan 2 usually comes in a glass vial that contains 10 mg of the synthetic powder. Then, you need sterile water that you can get in a plastic ampoule with 5 mg water that is both sterile and 100% safe to be used for injections. Then, you will need 1ml or 100 IU insulin syringes with fixed needles. Also, you need to have alcohol swabs because you have to wipe the injection site before you inject as well as the rubber that covers the vial.


Mixing or Preparation of Melanotan Concentrate

If you order Melanotan 2, it will be delivered as a dry powder contained in a glass vial. The company does not sell it pre-mixed. That is because once the sterile water is mixed with the powder, the concentrate needs to be kept in the refrigerator to avoid it from losing its potency. When mixing, follow the following steps:

  • Snap off the head of the sterile water ampoule.
  • Turn the opened ampoule upside down.
  • Insert the insulin syringe.
  • Withdraw 1ml or 100 IU of sterile water into the syringe.
  • Flip off the Melatonan 2 vial cap.
  • Insert syringe needle through the rubber cap and aim to the glass side of the vial (not directly to the powder)
  • Slowly inject the sterile water into the vial.
  • Stir vial gently until powder is completely dissolved. 

Dosage Suggestions For First Time Melanotan Users

When it comes to the dosage, you have to be the one to figure out the best dosage for you. This is because each user will have different factors to consider – weight, skin type, level of tan to achieve, and the body’s interaction with a product. However, if this is your first time, you have to make sure that you start with a small dosage. Generally, 0.5 mg is the most preferred dosage until you achieve the desired tan. Once you are happy with the color of your skin, you should maintain it with 1mg once a week.

Using Melanotan for the first time can be scary, especially if you are not comfortable with using needles. But with constant usage, the process would be much easier and you would be more confident to use that needle. If you want to achieve the best tanning results, use Melanotan!