What is CBD oil? Summary of cannabidiol facts

If you hear about CBD oil today, you intuitively think directly about cannabis and usually associate it as the first drug, like marijuana and/or a state of intoxication. But it’s not as simple as that, of course, and taking the CBD oil has nothing to do with the use of illegal drugs. Therefore, the terms related to cannabis and CBD oil should be explained here.Click here for CBD Deals.

Cbd oil = cannabis = drug = high? Incorrect

False, the term cannabis is generally used in conjunction with products that contain THC from the hemp plant. Cannabis, however, is the scientific name of cannabis, a vegetable genus of the hemp family. All the components of the hemp plant, or the farm, can be processed legally and can be used to produce medicines, robust substances for clothing and also food. In addition, hemp can be grown easily, is very easy and versatile in the care. Visit this site for CBD Deals.

As a fast-growing raw material, hemp is particularly respectful of the environment, especially because it is also quite resistant to pests and therefore the use of toxic insecticides is unnecessary. To obtain CBD oil, these are mainly beneficial hemp plants of the genus cannabis sativa. Unlike hemp oil, or hemp seed oil, which, as the name implies, is pressed from the seeds of the hemp plant, the CBD oil is extracted mainly from the flowers of the hemp plant by a so-called CO2 extraction.

CBD oil – a panacea of the gods?

The cultivation of hemp was already known a few millennia ago and is also documented in the literature. Even then, hemp was used to relieve discomfort and pain due to its health-promoting effects.

Today, CBD (cannabidiol) is attributed to an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. The active ingredient CBD can be used, for example, to relieve migraines, it is used to calm stress and sleep disorders, and it is also said to have an effect of exposing. In addition, it is said that CBD oil supports the immune system and strengthens the defenses. The truth is that the full potential of the CBD and its positive impact on health is far from exhausted and the diversity of applications will grow in the near future.

Why cbd oil can really make the body good?

Our body is capable of producing cannabinoids itself. This makes the cannabis plant and the body the only known sources of natural cannabinoid. It has been shown that cannabinoids work in the body’s own receptors. The most well-known receptors are the cannabinoid receptor 1, or CB1 for abbreviated, and the cannabinoid receptor 2, CB2.

It is found first in the nervous system of our intestine, as well as in the central nervous system and the CB2 receptor in the cells of our defense system. These CB receptors are part of the endocannabinoid system, which is used to regulate bodily processes. Considering that these processes are closely related to the perception of pain, the onset of anxiety, the rules of sleep and hunger, and mood, it becomes clear that the intake of CBD oil and the resulting release substances of the nervous system, strengthening the immune system, calming, curing inflammation and relieving pain.