Some interesting facts about chakras in our body

Are you willing to try some new methods to keep your body healthy?Then it is time to turn your vision towards the chakra system of our body. It may sound interesting and strange to you. But the time has come for you to learn the importance of seven chakras present in our system. With these seven chakras you can solve all your health ailments and mental problems. Get into the world of chakracodesecrets where you can learn the ways to unlock your chakras in a professional way. The chakras are considered as the door towards spiritual enlightenment and their importance is yet to be known by the world.

But in the ancient times, everyone had known about its importance as a purifying point and to be frank, there are many more chakras within the body. But due to their importance and prominence, only seven chakras are used for meditation purposes. So through chakracodesecrets you can clear and awaken these chakras which ensures your permanent wellbeing.

Which chakra is more prominent?

It is hard to comment on this question because all the seven chakras occupy an important position in the body. But the crown chakra along with the root chakra are the two important points which is considered as important points in our body. Because the root chakra lies at the bottom of the spine and is responsible for the behavior nature and perceptional capability of the individual. Crown chakra on the other hand is the master of focal points called chakras within the body and you need to consider it as the high frequency chakra that acts as a head of the six other chakras present in the body.

How it is done?

You need to start with the root chakra spending seven minutes for this particular point. After the completion of this seven minutes just move on to the sacral chakra which lies below the navel. This is responsible for good reproductive health of the person and in addition it is the place where the creativity of a human being comes from. The idea of meditation using the chakra is that reducing the time of concentration by minute for every chakra starting from the bottom of the body to the top of the head. So you need to finish the meditation with the crown chakra which lies on the top of the head.  But still people have certain doubts about this chakra system because they all believe only the science and logic behind it. Now many scientific studies have confirmed that the chakra meditation has positive effects on our body.

  • It helps to increase the memory capability of the brain.
  • It relieves the nerves from the stress.
  • It provides peace of mind and increase the sleep quality.