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Becoming Aware Of The Vibrational Signature Of Thought  Power 

If we wish to become happier in our lives, it is important to learn how to identify the vibrational quality of others’ thought energy as well as our own. Without realising it, we are constantly transmitting a vibrational quality into the unified field (the infinite creative force underlying all that we perceive, and don’t perceive). But what is most important to realise is that whatever the vibrational quality we are transmitting into the greater reality will inevitably multiply and attract more of the same quality back into our lives.

The vibrational quality of our thoughts are like energy seeds that grow and multiply. And whether we realise it or not, we are constantly ‘planting’ those seeds. From moment to moment the quality of our vibrational signature will be either creative or destructive and the fruits thereof will be the same. This is why it is so important to learn how to plant positive, creative thought seeds if you want a happier life. 

Have you ever noticed that someone can walk into a room and without knowing exactly why, their presence lowers the atmosphere of the room and the mood of those in it? This is because of the quality of the thought energy they are emitting. Their thoughts actually pollute the energy flow they are immersed in. Likewise if someone enters the room and their presence raises the atmosphere, it is because their thought energy is elevating, or purifying the energy flow.

When a person is polluting the vibrational quality of the energy flow, one of two things happen. If they are amongst others that are doing the same, the atmosphere, or quality of energy within the group will become even heavier. In this situation the group collectively perpetuates a negative energy flow. And when this group disbands the transmitting vibration of each individual will be heavier again, more dense, more negative and inevitably attracting more of the same into their lives.

Alternatively, if a person with negative thought seeds is amongst others who are purifying, or elevating the atmosphere, the one planting negative thought seeds will either be rebuffed by the others, increasing the negative quality of their thought power, by way of rejection or isolation, or else, others within the group will absorb the polluting thoughts, lowering their own  vibrational signature and simultaneously strengthening the negative vibration of the individual who initiated polluting the thought energy of the group. In all circumstances, negativity is perpetuated and destructive thought power is increased. 

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Once this is understood, it is important to become mindful of the quality of your vibrational signature and that of others if you wish to increase the good in your life. Whenever you are having negative thoughts about: yourself, others, the environment you find yourself in, the circumstances of your life, or even remembering negative experiences or information you have been exposed to, real or imagined, you are polluting your mind and the vibrational signature you are transmitting to into the world. When you experience these thoughts or are exposed to others negative thoughts do not accept them. Instead understand that they are chosen viewpoints and that by learning how to change them the quality of your life will change. It will become lighter, happier, evermore fulfilling and will not only benefit you, but also all of those that you come into contact with.

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