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Positive Mind States Latest Article

'Mind Medicine, The New Science

Our World, Our Minds and Those Reptiles - Connecting The Dots

Waking Up To One's Mind

The R Complex - How Much Is It Controlling You?

Your Beastly Mind

Paradigm Shift In Consciousness

Riding The Wave With Heart And Mind

Programming The Collective Unconscious With The Most Powerful Mind Machine On The Planet

Head First Down The Rabbit Hole With Rapid Data Transfer

Why And How To Tickle Your Amygdala

Making Waves With Our Vibe (Part 1)

What Vibe Are You Emitting? (Part 2)

What Cause Your Vibe (Part 3)

How To Make Your Vibe Good (Part 4)

Our Super Triune Brain And Its Evolutionary Conclusion

How Our Reptile Brain Effects Our Health: The Mind Body Equation

Mystical Spiritual Brain Chemistry

How To Be Habitually Happy

The Magic Of Self Belief

Do Less Achieve More

The Critical Factor And Your Plastic Brain

The Force

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Limitations Of The Mirror Mind And Existence Beyond It  

Heart Empowers Mind

Overcome A Fearful Mind

Removing Psychological Blind Spots

Thought Seeds Emotional Fertilizer

True Power Requires A Purified Mind

Mind Brain Processes: Patterns And Chemistry

Breaking Thought Patterns And Addictions

Microcosm Of The Macrocosmic Mind

Thought Power

The Power of None Judgement

The Mother Of Thought Power

Why and How To Master Your Mind

Law Of Attraction

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Change The Vibrational Signature Of Your Thought Power

Subconscious Mind

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Mind Medicine Cures Misery 



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Brain Engineering  - An Active Brain Slows Down Ageing

Slow Down Ageing And Optimise Your Health By Increasing Your DHEA, Melatonin And HGH 


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Converging Thought For Healing


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