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Your mind is the gateway to everything you experience and everything you want from your life. By meditating, or achieving the same brainwave states as meditation through brain entrainment , the mind can be disciplined and used to effect the life you want to experience. 

What you are thinking about right now  is creating your life in the future. CONTROL THE WAY YOUR MIND WORKS AND YOU CONTROL YOUR LIFE. Everything that we experience in the outer world began with a thought: the computer you are reading this from, the planes in the sky, the clothes you are wearing .... Without thought nothing exists as we know it. This is an essential truth to grasp so let me repeat it in another way: everything in your life: the things you dislike, and the things you cherish most, only exist because you held them as thoughts first. 

The key question of course  is why is it that some of the things you think of  (some of the things you really want) are not the things manifesting in your life? The reason for this is that those thoughts are not your dominant thoughts. YOUR DOMINANT THOUGHTS ARE THE ONES THAT CREATE YOUR REALITY. 


Our mind cannot help but be busy with thinking. It is an automatic response, we go about our day and our thoughts are busy churning away. The problem is we usually aren't aware of what it is we are thinking of. Or we are so used to thinking the same things, we find it hard to think about anything else. This would be a good thing if we tended to habitually think about the positives in our lives. But most of us don't do this. Most of us think about the stressors in our lives: financial worries, career worries, health worries, family worries, and on it goes .... The problem is these unwanted thoughts, tend to focus on lack, or some negative quality, and because we are in fact habituated to them, unable to tune them out, the result is, we create the very things we are stressed about or are afraid of creating. Our habitual thoughts are in fact a form of creative visualization that communicates with our subconscious which in turn works to manifest those things we are constantly seeing in our minds eye, or in other words, visualizing or thinking about.

Quantum physicists have now proven that thoughts are things. Thoughts are made of energy and energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed into something else. In the case of thought energy, the thing that is thought of, if it is thought of enough, will eventually manifest into its material form (or dense energy equivalent). That is why it is so important to learn how to control the way you think and very importantly what you think about the most. Meditation will make you aware of what you think about the most, and this is key to changing those thoughts.


If you are like most people, getting a grasp on your dominant thoughts so that they are positively focused on what you want to happen rather than what you don't want to happen is not easy. This is where  brain entrainment comes in.  As a form of meditation made easy, brain entrainment begins to quiet the mind, and refocus it. A quiet mind has the ability to see with greater clarity, it calms the observer (yourself) down, and in this state you switch into a higher level of  functioning: mentally, physically emotionally. Not only is your ability for self healing optimized, your ability to think creatively increases. It is believed that the great thinkers, performers, artists, scientists, athletes and all other great achievers achieve the successes they do because their brainwave patterns are naturally orientated in this way, the same way that a meditating brain is. Because their dominant thoughts are positively focused on the thing that gives them the greatest personal satisfaction, or pleasure, their brains are naturally orientated in a way that is most beneficial to the individual. They can be described as being in their 'zone'. They are naturally controlling their minds to continually focus on the things they want to achieve, and in doing so, they experience greater success, life satisfaction, and physical well being.


Because the brain is the control center for all we experience, the life we want depends on how well it functions. This includes our mental, emotional and physical well being. Through practiced meditation the mind becomes accustomed to quieting and calming down. It relaxes, and the more it does, the greater the mental, emotional and physical, benefits are. When you discipline your mind through meditation, you have greater awareness about what you are thinking about, and with that awareness you are able to change  thoughts that are of no benefit to you, to ones that are of benefit. This in turn affects your how you feel emotionally, which in turn effects your physical health. By improving your emotional well being and changing the way you think about yourself and your life you create a greater sense of well being that translates into improved physical health. By reversing the degenerative process in this way, meditation is also an effective anti ageing practice, and people who meditate regularly are more likely to maintain better overall health, increased longevity, vitality, and the ability to maintain a higher level functioning as they age. In all, meditation, is a practice that can dramatically improve every aspect of your life with time.  

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Brain Entrainment recordings, otherwise known as binaural beats, are an easy way to put your brain into the brainwave states caused by meditation. They are completely safe and relaxing and by listening to them regularly, your brain is induced into new neural patterns creating new neural networks. For more information, see the site map, or related links highlighted on this page.

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