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Shedding Skins - Author's Shamanic Initiation to The Power of Her Mind and The Mind-Body Phenomenon


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Converging Thoughts For Healing

It is well documented in that when people meditate together with the same focus in mind, the concerted mental focus of those individuals will produce the desired results. A well-known and documented example of this was the experiment that was conducted in Washington DC in the summer of 1993. The experiment involved 4,000 assembled practitioners of meditation who gathered from 81 different countries for the sole purpose of reducing crime in the area. During the June 7 to July 30 experiment the rate of violent crime including assaults, murders, and rapes decreased by 23 percent. 

The power of concerted mental energy is real, and it is the same power that was used to heal me when I was struck with leukemia 12 years ago and given two months to live.  

For some years leading up to my diagnoses in 1996, I had been working on a large personal art project. A major motif of the piece focused on blood going bad. Another major motif was the ‘Orange Moon’. The Orange Moon was symbolic of many things including the astronomical phenomena of lunar eclipses when the colour of the moon appears orange red, due to the shadow of the earth crossing over the face of the moon. 

On September 26, 1996 a harvest moon lunar eclipse would occur and this date became a focal point for me. For two years prior to the eclipse, I began spreading the word to people about its occurrence and suggested that during its moment of totality (when it was fully coloured) that regardless of where we were and what we were doing that at that moment we all converge mentally, heart-fully, soulfully, for the purpose of global healing. I had postcards made to promote this with the exact time and date on them, and gave them out freely to anyone I met. The card was titled ‘Bloody Orange Harvest Moon. I also performed a piece about it that incorporated the aspect of ‘blood going bad’ which was meant as a symbolic description of how we are poisoning the planet. 

Unwittingly what I did not realise at the time was that subconsciously I was giving myself a constant message of blood going bad – my own blood but at the same time I had also been requesting and building a force of healing powers. I knew in my being the occurrence of the eclipse was symbolic of a major rite of passage for me. That it would change my life. Although I did not know what it would be, I knew that it would change me irrevocably. As the date approached, I headed towards New Mexico from Canada and all the way performed and told people about the eclipse and gave out cards. I had planned to be in the desert to assure a clear sky so that I could see it.  

It was September 24,1996. I was travelling through the Mohave desert on a bus to Las Vegas when, out of the blue, I became seriously unwell. I was taken to hospital in Las Vegas where I was given my diagnoses. And on the 26th during the totality of the eclipse, I was on a plane headed back to Vancouver to “put my affairs in order”. But as dire as things seemed, I did not believe that I was going to die. Although shocked at what had occurred, I knew intuitively that this was the right of passage that I had been preparing for. And that at that moment of totality, thousands of people were converging with me for healing, even though they did not know at that moment where I was or what was happening to me.

When I arrived in Vancouver, I was taken to hospital and things continued to look dire to the medical staff. I was put in the “Rolls Royce of wards”, the one that most people don’t leave alive. But inside I knew I was not going to die, that I was going to heal. I even refused some of treatments that did not intuitively feel right to me, knowing they would not help in my healing. I worked internally visualising my cells becoming perfect, and when I gained strength began drawing them and covering my hospital room wall with them. Sometimes the doctors tried to persuade me to take their suggestions, sometimes they laughed at what I was doing, but inevitably they acknowledged that what I was doing was working and they “wished all their patients would do what I was doing” When I left that hospital I never looked back.  

What made me well were my beliefs and the power of mental thought converging for healing. My story might sound fantastical to some; to others it will make perfect sense. My story is not fantastical; it is about a rite of passage that also revealed to me that what I believe and know intuitively is real. It also taught me to be careful how I use my thoughts. Thinking of blood going bad consistently in my work, made it manifest in my life just as the focus on healing created the same. Focussing and converging thoughts make those thoughts manifest. It is a power that must be respected and used wisely, consciously, heart – fully. 

Update 07/12/2012 below:

I have begun a new blog with a category titled: Survivng Cancer - A Personal Journey. It is my story and in it I write about the unconventional healing practices I intuitively employed during my journey through cancer. If interested in reading more you can find it here:

Surviving Cancer - A Personal Journey

Alternatively you might also like to read Shedding Skins a book about my journey with a shamanic muse that taught me about: the power of the mind, the mind-body phenomenon and how I used that knowledge in my journey through cancer.

Or to watch and listen to a video of one of the intuitve practices I did during my journey through cancer please go here: Building Cells - Surviving Cancer

My best thoughts to you.

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