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A Paradigm Shift In Consciousness

The winds of change are blowing; the world is in turmoil and many are afraid. It is a time that has long been predicted. For millennia, prophets and scientists alike have noted this time in history as one that will witness great change in the global-human sphere.

The Mayans, exhalted as the greatest mathematicians the world has known, called these days the "End of Time or End of This Cycle". As a civilization the Mayans were obsessed with time and created numerous calendars to accurately predict astronomical events in our solar system and its movement within the galaxy.  

December 21, 2012 (The End of Time) is the official end date of the Mayan's most important Long Count calendar and is the date given for when the the earth and sun and the star cluster Pleiades will align with the galactic centre. This predicted alignment has been corroborated by today's scientist and there is tremendous speculation about what it might mean for us, if anything. 

We do know however that every planet in the solar system is not only heating up, but is becoming brighter due to where we are in the galactic plane. We also know there is greater solar activity than has ever been recorded, impacting the earth's electric magnetic field, the field which not only carries our thought waves, but that is intrinsic to life on earth as we know it. 

At the same time, we are making quantum leaps forward in our understanding of reality. Understanding that at the basis of all creation is consciousness, an observer observing itself into being. A being beyond the realms of space or time.

Time indeed seems to be speeding up, or at least the experience of it is. It is estimated that the speed with which we are exposed to and assimilating new information has been accelerating to the tick of the golden mean. A fact that cannot but transform our powers of perception and understanding.

  The Golden Mean, represented by the Greek letter phi, is among those mysterious natural numbers, like e or pi, that seem to arise out of the basic structure of our cosmos, appearing clearly and regularly in the realm of things that grow and unfold in steps, including living  things.  

On the flip side of science there are the sages, prophets, mystics, channelers, and shamans from the ages of  time, who have claimed this to be the coming of a new age. Some describing it as a golden age. An age wherein our conscious understanding of consciousness itself will undergo a dramatic paradigm shift.

Indeed. One doesn't have to look very far to see evidence of this shift already taking place and gaining momentum. Be it in popular media using mystical imagery for its marketing campaigns, or the subject matter of TV and film reflecting the collective mind of a global society  tearing away the illusions of its so called 'reality'. There is proof everywhere. People from all walks of life are seeking deeper understanding about what it means to be human, the nature of existence and their place in it, reporting evermore experiences of altered states of consciousness, mystical revelations, synchronicities, prophetic dreams, powers of manifestation and the like. 

Expressions of this nascent shift are as numerous as consciousness is expansive, but regardless of the variety of personal experiences there is without exception, a unifying process which precipitates them all. It is a change in one's mental state, most often brought about by focusing inward. Be it intentional or not, plunging the realms of one's inner depths brings about a change in one's chemical-electrical body, one's vibration, one's experience of consciousness itself. 

As more and more of us begin to experience this shift in consciousness, the critical mass required for a paradigm shift will be met and our understanding of reality will be forever transformed. 

For those who have yet to experienced this shift, and are unaware that is it occurring, the changes and chaos currently happening around the world are understandably frightening. It is a time when appearance and reality are diametrically different. In reality it is an exciting time. That is not to say that we won't have to face difficulties. Human nature does not tend towards change easily. But no great creation, or leap in understanding, was ever brought about without something being destroyed or left behind in its wake. The foundations of our global human sphere is currently being shaken to its core but it is necessary to transform. 

Individually we are all being called to change, doing it - alone - together. And as a Zen master would say, the best way to move through the process is to go with it,  the easiest being to discipline the mind to remain balanced. 

That is what this site is all about: concentrating the powers of the mind to experientially understand consciousness in a way that is forever transforming, a transformation that you cannot return from nor will you want to. 

Wishing you much success on your inner journey.

Much of the shift that is now occurring in consciousness has much to do with the contribution that quantum physics has made to the subject. To read more check out www.consciousnessquantum.com a new site dedicated to the subject. 

Consciousness Quantum 

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