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Shedding Skins - Author's Shamanic Initiation to The Power of Her Mind and The Mind-Body Phenomenon


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Self Healing


Self Healing -- The Mind Body Connection

Hello. My name is Christine Gray Flynn and before I go any further let me say, no matter what you are facing: please believe you can heal yourself. I have and so have many others. The following story  is my story and I share it only to illustrate to you how I made myself  ill with a potentially fatal cancer and how I also healed myself of it. When I say I made myself ill, I do not say it to assign blame or guilt. At the time, I did not realize what I was doing, it is only with hindsight that I clearly see what happened within me and it is only recently that I have been sharing this story, because I've come to  realize how much it has helped others who I have shared it with. If you are facing a similar situation with your health, or a loved ones, I hope you will take strength and heart from what I am about to share, but most importantly, I hope you will believe.

Diagnosed with leukemia 11 years ago, I accepted some allopathic intervention and refused others while employing the power of meditation, autosuggestion and visualisation to heal myself. This was after being told that I maybe had two months to live and that I should think of putting my affairs in order. But I  knew I could heal myself. I knew this  because I realised it was the way in which I  was using my mind in the first place that had made me ill.

 For four years prior to my diagnoses, I had been a performance artist performing in a piece  about 'blood going bad'. Of course I didn't mean my own blood to go bad, it was meant as a symbolic metaphor for the corruption, destruction, and poisoning of the earth, its resources, and the dominant power plays of society. But upon being diagnosed what I later realised was that by performing this work constantly and for so long, I literally trained my brain into continually focusing on that negative suggestion (blood going bad), got my subconscious to believe it to be true and consequently manifested it in my own body. 

Realising what I had done, I knew instinctively that I had created this illness in me because of how I had directed my thought energy and so, very importantly, I knew also that I could therefore destroy  the disease and make myself well again. I had literally 'called' my illness into me and so I would 'cast' it out. Which is what I did. I have since been leukemia free for nearly 12 years and this was also after refusing certain treatments (for example refusing blood products). 

I call what I did thought healing and having this insight into thought healing was a rite of passage that taught me about the importance of focusing my mind on what I wanted, not on what I did not want. Since then I have dedicated my life to understanding the power of the mind and how to develop and harness that power to positive effect. Our mind is the most precious resource for creating the life we want. Whatever way we choose to work our mind by how we focus it, creates thought energy, which goes on to create our reality.

The subconscious mind believes whatever we tell it, and sets about to make it real.

A Simple Example

It is well known that the quality of thoughts create certain kinds of biological affects. For example it is well known, and scientifically established, that negative thoughts create stress and in turn this releases stress hormones in the body (cortisol). Cortisol is a degenerative hormone and is destructive in the body causing illness and disease. By contrast, positive, happy thoughts do the opposite, within the body they release beneficial hormones such as: beta endorphins and human growth hormone which are regenerative and healing to the body.

Visualization and Meditation  Exercises To Promote Your Healing

I am currently compiling all of the creative visualization and meditation exercises I used in my healing. If you are interested in reading more you can at  healing visualisation meditations. I will be continually adding to this section.


When I was in the hospital, I was very weak and at points could do very little for myself. Because leukemia proliferates the body with malignant blood cells instead of the all the proper healthy cells, the hemoglobin (the red blood cells) which usually transports oxygen through the body could not do its job because there was not enough of them. This meant my body could not metabolize to give me energy. This was obviously a bad downward spiral. I wanted to be active in my healing so I asked the nurse (with as much breathe as I could muster) if she would bring me a picture of the cell that I needed to heal. Please note this was a picture of a healthy cell. I  would advise you  not to look at images of  unhealthy tissue. Don't worry if you already have, just start to focus on the healthy image.

NB: If you would like to watch and listen to a video of one of the intuitve practices I did during my journey through cancer please go here: Building Cells - Surviving Cancer

When the nurse brought me a picture of a healthy cell, the one  I needed to heal, she taped it to the side of my bed at eye level. And this is the most important part: I would look at that cell, at all its little details, and then I would close my eyes. I would 'go into' my body, 'into' my bone marrow (where the blood is made) and I would 'see' my body starting to build those perfect little cells. I would lie there for hours concentrating on breathing and building those beautiful little blood cells. As far as anyone on the outside was concerned I was lying on my back, doing nothing. But no -- I was working hard, being very active in my healing. 

As a patient with leukemia, blood is taken regularly, a few times a day, and through the night too. What is hoped for is that there will be an increase in healthy blood cells. Now the blood cell count bounces around a bit, but it will bounce in a trend like fashion, either upwards or downwards. Well, as you might guess,  my healthy blood count started to bounce in an upward trend.

How To Apply This To Your Own Healing

As mentioned earlier, it does not matter what illness you are battling, you can use this thought healing technique no matter what your illness. For example, if you are dealing with high blood pressure, you can have an image of how healthy clean arteries look and you can go inside of yourself and start seeing your arteries become clean, the blockages dissolving and disappearing, the blood traveling through you in nice open veins and arteries.

Using these visualization techniques does not mean you do not attend to proper eating, rest, and using medicines that are appropriate for you (only you know what those are), but by using these techniques you will drastically improve your bodies ability to realize itself to full health sooner.

If you found the previous visualization technique useful I have also begun a new blog with a category titled: Survivng Cancer - A Personal Journey. It is my story and in it I write about the unconventional healing practices I intuitively employed during my journey through cancer. If interested in reading more you can find it here:

Surviving Cancer - A Personal Journey

Alternatively you might also like to read Shedding Skins a book about my journey with a shamanic muse that taught me about: the power of the mind, the mind-body phenomenon and how I used that knowledge in my journey through cancer.

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