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Binaural Beats

Recommended Binaural Beats

Without Background Sound Just Tone


brain entrainment

With Background Sound

There are many companies who sell binaural beats, I have pretty well tried and tested them all, and like any other thing in the market not all binaural beats are equal. Nor is it true, in this case at least, that you get what you pay for. I know companies that sell introductory starter packages for $300 that don’t even induce all brainwave states. This means to get the full benefit of listening to binaural beats you have to go back and pay them even more money for the complete programme adding up to thousands of dollars. Personally, I find this unethical business practice. On the end of the spectrum you can buy what you think are binaural beats at a dirt cheap price, but what you’ve really got are nothing more than poorly engineered nice sounds. You won’t know this, all you’ll know is that you are not experiencing any of the effects promised. Without experience, it is impossible to tell what are good binaural beats and what aren’t. Now at present, I do not personally have a range of binaural beats to offer you (I am currently developing them). But I can tell you what binaural beats to buy and the companies to buy them from. It is true I will receive a small commission for this, but that commission does not come out of your pocket, it comes out of the pocket of the company you buy from. In other words, whether you buy through me or not, makes no difference to your bottom line you will still be charged the same price. But if you do order through me, you will receive something else – a personal bonus from me that will help you (more about that in a minute).
Having tried and tested pretty well all the better products on the market, I have reduced my recommendations down to two: Mind Sync and Brainwave Entrainment. Why these two companies? For a number of reasons: experience, quality, price, range of choice and guarantee. Both of these companies have good reputations. They’ve been in the business of producing binaural beats for many years and both produce top notch products. They also price their product very competitively starting from as little as $12.99, allowing you to pick and choose from a vast range of recordings. And like any good company Mind Synch and Brainwave Entrainment fully guarantee their product. If you are not completely happy with their product they will refund you.

How To Choose Your Binaural Beats

The only big difference between the products that Mind Synch and Brainwave Entrainment offer is that one, Mind Sync, offers their binaural beats as pure tones while Brainwave Entrainment offers theirs with a background soundscape. Some listeners prefer to listen to the pure tone, while others prefer to have a pleasant, musical, or pink noise background. It is an entirely subjective choice and makes no difference to the effect of the binaural beat. Both companies offer short samples to listen to but these samples won't give you the effect, it is just to give you an idea of what they sound like. 
Accompanying all recordings offered by these two companies is an explanation describing exactly what brainwave states each recording induces and the likely effect. I recommend having a range of recordings that induce all brainwave frequencies: alpha, theta, delta, gamma and lower beta to achieve full brain integration. 
Its Easy To Order And Download Your Binaural Beats
Simply click on one of the images below or click here: Mind Sync (with on background sound) or here: Brainwave Entrainment (with background sound). You will be taken to a page showing you all the recordings available and what they do. When you choose one you will be taken to a page that will explain in depth the features and benefits  of the recording. After paying for your order you can immediately download your brain entrainment recording and begin to harness the power of your mind. Its as easy as that, and I promise you, if you listen to your recordings consistently this will be the best bargain you ever bought. 

Click On Either Of The Images Below To Get Your Binaural Beats

Without Background Sound Just Tone


brain entrainment

With Background Sound

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