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Shedding Skins - Journey With a Shamanic Muse


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Mind Medicine: Epigenetics, The New Science of Mind-Body-Consciousness

As someone who was diagnosed with leukemia and, at one point, given two month to live (sixteen years ago), I am incredibly grateful to count myself among an ever growing number of people who can claim to know, through direct experience, that it truly is the mind which holds dominion over the physical expressions of the body.

Even at the time of my diagnosis it was perfectly clear to me that I had, or rather my mind had, through cognitive habits, triggered a series of physical states which, over time, culminated to produce a state of disease in me. In knowing this however, I also knew that I was equally empowered to destroy this same disease and make myself well again. This I proceeded to do, applying intuitively directed mental pracitices, all while refusing allopathic interventions that I was being urged to take. Within six weeks I was leukemia free.

Not too surprisningly it was this experience that set me on a path to learn all I can about: consciousness, the mind, the mind-body phenomen, the brain, whole brain integration, brain plasticity, meditation, parapsychology, quantum theory and so on, in order to understand how the powers (that I had applied) work and to share this knowledge.

Until recently the kind of mind-medicine I applied in my healing was without scientific explanation. Now it has a name: epigenetics. Moreover as this new science calls upon biology, nueroscience and quantum medicine to be understood, it promises all that the human genome project failed to deliver on. Truly, in waking to our mind-body-consciousness, we are living in exciting days.

For more information on epigenetics, you can find it here: Epigenetics, the Incredible Mind-Body Phenomenon .

Or if you would like to read my whole story: Shedding Skins, you can find it here:

Shedding Skins

May All Beings Know: True Love, True Peace, True Happiness