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Mind Medicine To Cure Misery

All misery is the result of a noisy, unsettled mind. The mind is constantly flipping from things that happened in the past to things that will, or might, happen in the future. These past and future thoughts are always about things that we wanted to happen or didn’t want to happen, namely cravings and aversions.

When we don’t fulfill a craving we are miserable, disappointed, unhappy. In the instances when we do fulfill a craving, we experience a short-lived pleasure, only for it to be replaced soon after by another craving. When we are filled with cravings we can never be fulfilled.

The same applies to our aversions. When we fail in avoiding an aversion, we experience the unpleasant result of it. When we are successful in our avoidance, we experience some temporary relief but only until something else we don’t want to happen commands our attention again. Aversions are unrelenting.

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All this craving and avoiding makes for a rather agitated, anxious, worried mind. In fact our minds in this state are disturbed and being so, it tends to perpetuate a stream of negative thoughts. This is a common state for most of us (albeit to varying degrees), and is the reason why most of us cannot work optimally and achieve fully the results we want either for ourselves, or for those we love.

When our minds are like this, it robs us of our energy, concentration, motivation, and can even destroy our confidence. What might be even more disturbing to know is that it can have a devastating effect on our health. As evermore evidence is gathered on the mind body connection Deepak Chopra’s assertion that ‘the medicine of the future will be mind medicine’ is becoming clearly evident, and by ‘mind medicine’ he didn’t mean popping pills.

Of course this begs the question: what is ‘mind medicine’ and where does one get it? Mind medicine is derived simply from tranquility, quiet, peace, equanimity, relaxation, sweet thoughts or better yet no thoughts. When one’s mind becomes healed in this way, a quiet within becomes familiar, and the deep abiding knowing of one’s true heart is easier heard. When one can hear the voice of their heart in this way, one’s true path in life becomes clearer. Cravings and aversions are lessened, in time they disappear and life is revealed with a sweetness hitherto unknown.


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