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Mental Noise

Mind Discipline

Identifying Mental Noise

Mental Noise is the incessant churning of the mind. Over and over it turns onto things that no longer need thinking of, those things that continuously play in our head, but serve no good purpose. Like the TV show you watched last night, or what someone really meant by their comment, or if only… or those negative thoughts you have about yourself, or others.... 

We all experience (and indeed suffer) mental noise from time to time, but it is the degree to which we experience it that determines the quality of our lives. It is easy to recognise that when we are happy, when positive things are happening to us, we are full of life and energy. The thoughts we are experiencing are life enhancing. They are positively charged and consequently we are positively charged. The opposite is true for mental noise

Mental noise tends to cause worry, is: compulsive, redundant, a waste of energy, bad for your health and diminishes the outlook of your life. The next time you feel tired, but can find no reason, examine the quality of your thoughts leading up to feeling tired. It may well be those thoughts had a negative charge. 

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If you’re not sure if a thought has a negative or positive charge, just ask yourself, how the thought makes you feel? The shift in feeling might be subtle, but thoughts always affect the emotional body and rarely do thoughts cause a neutral feeling. If you are not used to tuning into your emotional body, then, when you ask yourself how a thought feels, go with your first instinct. You will rarely be wrong, because the emotional body informs the instinct. By doing this, you will also be developing your intuition. 

Realising that all thoughts count as credits or debits for our emotional well being, the real work then, like that of making a good life, lies in becoming evermore aware of our thoughts and refocusing them to our credit. This means due diligence in monitoring our thoughts, but this is difficult because with an undisciplined mind, thought, and in particular, mental noise runs on autopilot. We are so often not even aware of where our thoughts are taking us. Our thoughts just free flow and wherever they flow, so does the way we feel. The two: thoughts and feelings cannot be seperated.

To begin tuning out mental noise, we first must become mindful of it. This is the great art achieved with meditation. A truly disciplined mind is arguably the hardest thing to accomplish in one's life, for it is in accomplishing this one thing, that all other things are accomplished. But so few of us realise this. Most of us think that if we get the right education, the right job, the right partner ... we will attain our dreams, but this rarely happens for most of us, because what we fail to understand is that our minds are so full of mental noise, that we aren't able to use it optimally.

To access the true capacity of our mind, we must first begin to quiet it. Practice stilling it and observing where it habitually goes. Like all things there is a pattern to the way one's mind travels. By observing it and refocusing it when it goes somewhere that is negatively charged, by replacing negatively charged thoughts with positively charged ones, or having gaps of no thoughts, we begin the process of mastering our mind and changing the mental noise to mental music. 

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