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Shedding Skins - Author's Shamanic Initiation to The Power of Her Mind and The Mind-Body Phenomenon


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Alternative Healing

Healing Visualisation Meditations

1. Healing Breathe   

This was a simple breathing meditation that came to me whilst I was in hospital. When I left hospital and was gaining my strength back, I continued to use it whenever the thought came to me and I still do just for my general overall health.    

So to begin:  

In a relaxed repose, close your eyes and begin by taking some deep breathes. Once your breathing has helped you to deepen your relaxed state, focus yourself on what feels like your centre. For some this is between the ribs, others feel it more in their solar plexus. There is no right place, except what feels right to you. Trust your instinct.   

Once you are settled in your centre, observe your breath go in and out of you. Just like a wave, you will feel your body rise as you breathe in and fall as you breathe out. As you breathe say to yourself “breathing in health” and as you breathe out, say to yourself “breathing out disease”. As you focus on doing this you are instructing your subconscious mind that you ridding your body of the thing that is making it ill and renewing it with well being. This is a simple meditation that also puts you into a brainwave pattern that is conducive to healing. As you practice this meditation, you might find other ‘thoughts’ or ‘mantras’ come to you. This is perfectly good, as you can adapt this practice to suit your own needs with thoughts, words that seem more appropriate to you.

Update 07/12/2012 below:

I have begun a new blog with a category titled: Survivng Cancer - A Personal Journey. It is my story and in it I write about the unconventional healing practices I intuitively employed during my journey through cancer. If interested in reading more you can find it here:

Surviving Cancer - A Personal Journey

Alternatively you might like to read Shedding Skins a book about my journey with a shamanic muse that taught me about: the power of the mind, the mind-body phenomenon and how I used that knowledge in my journey through cancer.

Or to watch and listen to a video of one of the intuitve practices I did during my journey through cancer please go here: Building Cells - Surviving Cancer

Relax ... Turn On Your Frontal Lobes With

2. My Yantra

Yantra is a word for a visual form of meditation. Creating visual images that you can refer to, or see in passing during your day is a good way of keeping your subconscious mind more focussed on your intentions (in this case to get well). In the top left corner of this web page you can see an image of a woman sitting in the lotus position meditating. I call his my yantra. This is an image of me. Shortly after convalescing from leukemia I made this image as a visualisation for well being. You will see that I am sitting on a beetroot. Beetroots are a deep red colour, to me this symbolised life giving blood. Being a root vegetable it is rooted to the earth, and so serves as a symbol for me being grounded and connected to the earth and its life giving source. There are branches extending behind me. These were actually the 'veins' in the beetroot leaf and this represented for me the veins and arteries in my own body. You will also see that there are white orb like forms floating around me. These are pearls, created from the depths of the ocean. The ocean is highly symbolic of our subconscious mind where all action originates in our being. The white orbs also represent white blood cells, the cells that a person needs to heal when they have leukemia. Lying beneath these symbolic cells are other symbols not visible to the eye, but I know they are there and I know what they represent in my well being. It is good to keep some things to oneself. Holding something close and quietly to yourself when appropriate can charge it with more 'power'. 

3. Thought Healing

Thought Healing is the story of what happened to me and how the power of converged thought helped me heal.


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