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Slowing Down Brainwaves 

Get Your Brain's Hemispheres In Synch For Peak Performance

Throughout human history all great achievers have had one thing in common: slower brainwave frequencies. We know this to be true because we are now able to observe the brainwave activity of high achievers and so called 'gifted' individuals, and what is common to all of them is that they all demonstrate greater brainwave synchronisation as a result of habitually slower brainwave frequencies. Either accidently or intentionally all of these individuals have mental habits that are conducive to regular slower brainwave frequencies.

Anyone can slow down their brainwaves by adopting certain practices such as meditation, deep relaxation, or by being completely engaged in an activity that keeps the mind focussed but not stressed. There are also a number of 'plug and play' tools on the market created just for this purpose that have lasting effect. One of the more common and scientifically proven of these is brain entrainment, deeply relaxing sound recordings known as binaural beats. The effectiveness of binaural beats are undisputed and  have been used by Nasa and Fortune 100 companies and high rolling stock brokers. 

Recommended Binaural Beats.

Guaranteed binaural beats from Mind Sync. Or click on this image: mind sync binaural beats

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