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How To Change The Vibrational Signature Of Your Thought Power

A very important step towards having a more happy life requires: becoming aware of the vibrational signature of yourís and otherís thought power. Once you become aware of how real the creative or destructive power of thought energy is, and you endeavour to change yours, by changing your thought patterns, youíll soon come to realise that it is not an easy process. If it were, we would all be living a truly happy, liberated life. 

Changing the operating structure of the mind, requires: a strong desire, a steely determination, and gentle patience to make it so. With these attributes anyone can be successful in purifying and harnessing the power of their minds. By slowly and gently diminishing the negative mental noise that keeps playing in the head, one eventually begins to purify the mind causing it to generate and transmit powerful, creative, life affirming, thought power.

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To do this one must first become aware of the mental noise, the thoughts that cycle through the mind ceaselessly and often without us being fully aware of them. Mental noise is constantly running in the background while we are getting on with the usual activities of the day. And then, when something goes wrong in our day, we react to it and add it to the stockpile of negative thoughts that bombard our minds.

Becoming aware of it this ceaseless noise begins once we start observing it. We can start to develop our awareness of the negative thought power operating within us, by taking advantage of those intermittent lucid moments we have, when we notice the quality of our thoughts. While your mind is free flowing with this negativity, or that negativity, you can sometimes catch yourself. When this happens, donít judge it. Just observe it. By judging it, you create another negative thought. So just observe.

Once you have been doing this for a while youíll begin to get a clear insight into the quality of your thought power, and once you begin to see how much of your thinking is destructive, youíll realise it has to be stopped if you want your life to improve, because as your awareness develops, it will become evermore clearer that the thoughts of your mind are the drivers of your life. If you donít like where they are driving you, you will have to learn how to exert your will over them to take your life in another direction: a more happy, joyful direction.

Having awoken to the quality of your thought power, its impact on your life, and the realisation that to have a better life it will have to change, youíll have reached the stage where youíll need to develop or adopt a practice that will enable you to quieten the mental noise and replace the negatives with positives. But this cannot happen on a superficial, surface level. You cannot begin reciting positive affirmations over and over again, and think that will solve the problem. It will have a mild positive effect, and this is good, but it will not eradicate your mental noise. It must happen at the deepest level of your mind. 

It has been scientifically proven that negative and positive thoughts generate different brainwave frequencies. And that it is the brainwave frequencies that cause the quality of the thought power, which, in turn, goes out into the unified field to create a concrete manifestation of those thoughts according to their quality. This is why to mechanically think positive thoughts will not yield the results you want. You cannot trick the brain, the mind, the deep sub conscious, it knows what you truly believe to be true and it knows this by how you deeply feel about things. The feelings associated with positive and negative thoughts are a result of different brainwave patterns and it is your brainwave patterns that you are ultimately changing in changing your thought power from destructive to creative.

I realise this may seem a little daunting, but as long as there is determination and desire you can make this happen. You can reengineer the pattern of your brainwave frequencies. How does one do this? with the practice of a proper technique of meditation. It is now well established that the practice of meditation quiets the mind, and changes its brainwave patterns (brainwave frequencies) to those of a positive state. Meditation truly is a golden key to a happy, joyful, peaceful, successful life. 

There are many meditation techniques, and one must experiment to find what works best for them. Meditation is a serious, and often rigorous practice, but its rewards are beyond measure.  Meditation purifies and concentrates the mind. When one begins meditation, it can initially seem like little progress is being made. Improvements will begin, but they will be small, subtle. Observe these small improvements and use them to bolster your commitment to your practice.

While you are developing your technique you can also augment your results by using binaural beats (brain entrainment recordings).  Binaural beats actually create the same brainwave patterns as meditation and can be used to accelerate the process of purifying the mind. In my initial attempts to meditate, I found these recordings very useful and would recommend them to anyone who would like to change the vibrational signature  of their thought power for the better. They can even be used alone with beneficial results without the practice of meditation. But once one begins, and experiences the rewards of a more purified mind, a dedicated practice of meditation becomes the natural next step. Start slowly, gently, patiently. Keep your desire and determination strong.  If you do this, the rewards will come.

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