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May 7, 2008

Training The mind To Become Happy

I have just recently completed a ten day meditation course. The technique I learnt was Vipassana. During those ten days, I meditated for ten and a half hours a day and sat for an hour and a half instruction each night. The day began at 4:00 am and ended at 9:30. There was no talking, or interacting of any kind with the other students: no eye contact, no gesturing, no touching, no books, mobile phones or any other kind of distraction. It was an inward journey of the mind. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. With constant, still sitting, the pain was intense. All of us in the course were in pain, a pain that you had to sit with, observe. But then around the fifth day the pain began to dissolve, and I had many experiences of lightness, and intense well being. 

Of course one can say that was a result of endorphins being released into my system to cope with the pain, or the mind hallucinating in order to detach from the pain. I wondered this myself. But now, into my second week since completion, and continuing to practice the technique without pain, I can report that I still feel different from how I did before taking the course. I feel lighter, at ease, and this is just the beginning of my transformation. 

As someone who has never been good at blind faith, I need to understand why things work, a reason to believe in what I do. I have done a lot of research into why meditation works. The reasons are scientifically understood. When one meditates, one is actually reconfiguring the brain and the way it operates. Meditation grows the brain, it causes the creation of more neurons between the two hemispheres of the brain, which inevitably results in greater integration of the brain. The two sides stop working independently and start working together in synch. Meditation also causes the brainwaves to slow down, which, when it comes to the brain is very good. It is well understood by science that slower brainwaves result in all things good such as: deep relaxation, increased: creativity, memory, intuition, insight, awareness, well being, peak performance, penetration into the deep subconscious, altered states, enlightenment... 

And for me, here is the best part. Once one has committed to a practice of meditation, and works on it, after a while the brain becomes entrained to lower frequency brainwave states. And what this means, in essence, is that in time one does not experience unhappiness. Regardless of what is happening in one's outer world, happiness, a calm, easy, state of mind becomes the norm.  

March 13, 2008

The Subtleties Of Realisation

Since a young age, I have had many experiences that could be described as mystical or enlightening.  On reflection most of those experiences were subtle and I have since learnt that the pure consciousness of the unified field, reveals itself most in gentle, quiet, subtle ways. I have also learnt that it is always speaking to us through nature. 


I have always been fascinated by waves. When I was a child it was the waves of the ocean. As I matured I came to understand that a wave is a symbolic archetype that resonates within our own nature. We breathe in we breathe out like the ebb and flow of the seas. But of course it goes beyond this. All of creation is made of energy and energy is, at its most subtle, a vibration -- a wave pattern, be it: light, sound, or even a composite of dense energy that makes up a physical body and so:

When I listen to the waves of the world

I disappear into what I cannot reach

And when I land, I am at peace

With all that was, is and shall be.

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