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Antiageing, Meditation And The DHEA Connection

If you have done any enquiry into antiageing, you will know  how important the hormone DHEA  is in the fight against ageing. Known as the 'youth hormone'  or 'pro-longevity hormone' DHEA is released while in the delta brainwave state in addition to this, Melatonin, another well known hormone that is associated with youth is also released. These are two of the great benefits of the delta brainwave state that is usually accomplished through deep meditation.

The Following cites scientific evidence on the positive effects of DHEA on the body and is "Taken from a chapter in the book", Resetting the Clock, Copyright © by Elmer M. Cranton, M.D. and William Fryer

Did You Know: Slower brainwaves can increase your DHEA when in the Delta brainwave state. Learn more about the benefits of slower brainwave frequencies and how to make them slower using deeply relaxing sound recordings.

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Begin Quote --

"Research demonstrated, however, that most cells in the body contain specific DHEA receptors, the sole function of which is to bind DHEA. This is as clear an indication as we can get that DHEA has essential functions of its own in the human body.

We now know that low levels of DHEA are strongly associated with heart attack risk. We have abundant evidence that high levels of DHEA protect against cancer. We've found that it helps in treating and preventing diabetes. We've seen in animal studies and in double blind studies on humans that it aids memory, eases depression, and causes a striking improvement in an individual's sense of psychological and physical well-being. Finally, we know that it so strongly supports the immune system that many scientists have become convinced that a shortage of this very hormone contributes significantly to the immune systemís collapse in old age. If this were not sufficient, there is also evidence that DHEA can help in the treatment of osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, and chronic fatigue. It mediates stress, improves sleep, and appears to ginger up the sex drive in some folks.

Perhaps, after all, the body knows what it's doing when it provides the vigorous and active twenty-year-old with copious quantities of DHEA.

.... After a few months on the hormone, he noticed that his energy level was markedly higher, his skin was thicker and moister, and he was sleeping six and a half hours a night instead of eight and waking rested. George says he feels six or seven years younger, and, as he puts it, "When you're on DHEA, it feels as if every cell in your body is humming." That's not an uncommon observation of people taking this pro-longevity hormone. George has also noticed that his sex drive has ratcheted upward.

....A few of the conditions I haven't mentioned yet that have been reported to improve when DHEA is administered include allergies, Alzheimer's, arthritis, chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue, elevated cholesterol, Epstein- Barr syndrome, herpes, liver disorders, lupus, menopause, recurrent infections, and senility." -- End Quote.

There are many DHEA  antiageing products entering the market, but by far the best is the DHEA that your body produces naturally in the delta brainwave state. 

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